Boys, Guys & Men


Boys, Guys & Men


A Relationships Handbook for women about men. Anyone single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, married again.

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About the Book:

BOYS, GUYS & MEN speaks to the potential in all of us and brings a message of hope that by living with purpose, and making wise decisions, we can find true and lasting love, and avoid destructive relationships. Dianne writes to equip the reader with hope for healthy future relationships, no matter the past. ‘Boys, Guys and Men’ focuses on equipping readers to approach relationships with a new level of maturity, and to understand the value of common vision and purpose in a relationship.

About the Author:

Dianne’s experience as best-selling author, fashion model, television presenter and speaker on the topics of body, soul, and spirit have given her an influential platform to help people in all walks of life. Dianne Wilson is the Founding Director of The Imagine Foundation and Host of the Imagine Women’s Conference. Mirror Mirror [the book and course] focus on identity and self-esteem; finding freedom from the inside out. Dianne is a passionate freedom fighter. Australian-born mother of six, Dianne and her husband Jonathan currently live in Newport Beach, California with their beautiful children and grandchildren. 


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