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Dianne is a bestselling author [published by both HarperCollins Australia and Random House Australia] and spokesperson on the issues of body, soul, spirit, healthy living, healthy body image, value and identity. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Dianne’s career as a fashion model, television and radio presenter and her entrepreneurial approach to life, have created a platform for her to help many people. Dianne has devoted her life to seeing people live in freedom and released into all that they were created to be.

Dianne is the Founding Director of The Imagine Foundation and IMAGINE Freedom Event host. Dianne is a passionate freedom fighter, committed to seeing people of all ages and stages of life find freedom from the inside out.

Dianne’s first book, Fat Free Forever, was a National Bestseller in Australia, and because of the success of this title, Dianne was asked by her publishers (Random House Australia and HarperCollins Australia) to write a series of lifestyle books, including Easy Exercise For EveryBody, Fat Free Forever Cookbook, Fat Free Forever 101 Tips and Back in Shape After Baby.

Dianne was invited by Channel 9 Australia [Australia’s number one television network] to become the series Life Coach for prime time show, To The Rescue. Dianne’s role was to help people shape up from the inside out, addressing behavioral issues and encouraging inner strength to help overcome negative habits. Dianne employed the assistance of various professionals, including personal chefs, personal trainers, beauty technicians and vocational coaches to help her help people shape up for life. 

Dianne was sponsored by Australia’s leading Health Nutrition Company “Aussie Bodies”, to be sponsored corporate spokesperson for their range of LIFE Protein Products. Dianne worked alongside the team at Aussie Bodies to develop a highly successful and sought after range of products suitable for the average, non-sporty person.

Dianne and her husband Jonathan are the Senior Pastors of Newport Church in Orange County, California, which was started in July 2006 when they were sent out from Sydney, Australia. Together they share a combined 60 years of ministry experience. Dianne and her husband Jonathan currently live in Newport Beach, California with their children, Ben, Beau, Bella and London Eternity.

Books by Dianne Wilson:

  • Boys, Guys & Men – wisdom for relationships
  • GONE – the moment of surrender
  • It’s Time – leadership & character development
  • Body & Soul – a body & soul shaping handbook
  • Here To Eternity – a book of hope in seasons of loss
  • Mirror Mirror – an identity & self-esteem handbook [versions available in: English, Spanish & Vietnamese]
  • Back in Shape After Baby – a body shaping handbook
  • Fat Free Forever Cookbook – a body shaping cookbook
  • Fat Free Forever 101 Tips – a body shaping mini-book
  • Easy Exercise for Everybody – a body shaping handbook
  • Fat Free Forever! – a body shaping handbook


Lifestyle Course Curriculum by Dianne Wilson

  • Mirror Mirror – self-esteem, resilience & belongingness [for teenage girls and women +13 years]
  • Mirror Mirror Girl – self-esteem, resilience & belongingness [for girls aged 5-12 years]
  • FREEDOM – self-esteem, resilience & belongingness [for teenage boys and men +13 years]
  • FREEDOM Kids – self-esteem, resilience & belongingness [for boys and girls aged 10-13 years]
  • Body & Soul – a body & soul lifestyle course [for everyone!]



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