Body + Soul: Focusing on the SOUL

Hi beautiful! So excited to reconnect with you this week.

I had a really rough day yesterday hoping scales would be down this week. It caused me to focus on other wins. When I hopped on scales today and was down that was a bonus. Real life is finding a win every day. Body or soul. 

Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to the scale. Sometimes, it's about strengthening your soul. 

This week's Vlog focuses on your SOUL and leaning on Jesus to help you make sure your soul is in tact and that you're waking up with the feeling of purpose.




Hi Beautiful!

Hope your week is as LOVELY as mine. I got the opportunity to spend some time in Seattle with my daughter Bella, my beautiful bright college girl and even BETTER bring her back to Cali for some sunshine and fun! NEVER take these moments for granted :)

Well Sisterhood, I am so excited about our podcast guest this week, a former vice principle to 3 of my kids and now a well respected author, not to mention on the board of the IMAGINE FOUNDATION, Mr. Daniel Patterson.  

This "think out of the box" individual is doing BIG things and a HUGE advocate of the youth of OC and here to talk about his new book "The Assertive Parent".

 You definitely don't want to miss this one! (:



Body+Soul Week 14: DON'T EAT THE CHIPS!

Hi beautiful! What a week! No small weeks for me over here.

Get the latest update on my Body+Soul journey and some stressors that I've avoided.

I would love updates on your journey! Please comment below if you're interested in joining a Facebook community where we can gather to talk about BODY and SOUL! xx



If you haven't followed on my B + S journey, I ENCOURAGE you to scroll down and see what has been going on! I am down 10 lbs today! HOORAY X

Well this past week, was HOME. Where the laundry was overflowing, fridges empty DAILY,  and no one wanted to go to bed! LOL

It was so amazing to have all my babies home , as we celebrated, birthdays, weddings , and graduations! My twin boys are now 24 and my darling husband is now 27! LOL Always young in my eyes! 

CRAZY WEEK but wouldn't want it any other way! Always sad to say goodbye at the end of it.

Well I am very excited about my guest for this week,  my very lovely friend Shawn Harris, who is a fellow OC Housewife who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! A mum who gets it, empty nesting, marriage, BIG Career in Beauty. A former Miss Universe 1980 and Jill from Baywatch, she is one COOL Wonder Woman. Definitely don't want to miss! 

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