Body + Soul Week 11: What Took So Long?


Week 11 hit us all fast, and it's taken 11 weeks for me to actually start seeing progress.

So what happened?


Sometimes real life, lack of time, circumstances and health reports (sometimes not your own) leave you trying to climb to the top on a slippery slope.

What did I want to share with you in this video? That slow and steady is still progress, and that sometimes, it's not about physical progress, but mental progress as well.

Last year, if I trekked at this "slow" of a pace, I would have felt defeated and discouraged. But today, I want you to know in your heart  that sometimes slow and steady wins the race! Small, practical changes that are implemented little by little will make a BIG impact.

We are HERE for you and to support you, but I know what it is to have to be your own encourager when it comes to your mindset. Encouraging you today to push forward and BELIEVE in yourself. If you are here, changes are already happening!

As promised, here is a link directly to Body+Soul, the book.



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