This week is all about family and happy hearts! And nothing says happy heart like having my baby girl home for Spring Break from college! Family is a huge motivation in my life, they inspire me everyday to move forward in my Body and Soul journey! This week my daughter Bella joins me as we take a look into my closet! If you want to see all the closet fun head over to my Instagram @diannewilson !  I'd love to hear all of your personal Body and Soul stories and if you would like to join the journey, email and find out how! (: 

Here we are week 8! To continue on our family theme, we have our three generations of leaders, Polly Quicano, Polly Ellman, and Rosemary Rusch. Our Daughter, Mother, Grandmother Super Team! These ladies mean so much to so many and you don't want to miss all the incredible wisdom and amazing stories they have for us! 

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