Body+Soul: All my baggy clothes... (ha!)

Hi beautiful!

Doesn't the title say it all? LOL x 

I'm trying to get my soul up to speed with the progress I'm making when it comes my body, but it's not that easy. Just like you, I am struggling with my confidence. Confidence has been difficult to overcome, even with the progress I've made with losing weight and getting closer and closer to goal.

Thank you for following along my personal journey, and I hope that by sharing my journey, it will help others open up about theirs!

Have an AMAZING week.



Hello beautiful!

This week, I'm talking about the power of Godly confidence and how it's a necessary asset when it comes to your Body+Soul journey.

I've had the privilege of chatting with the greatest Wonder Woman, Deanna Peterson, who is one of the most confident women on this earth!

Her and I are so different in how we view confidence, but we are both facing insecurities with confidence.

How do we crack the code? Watch the video and include your input! Would love to hear from you.



Body+Soul: Speaking with a Dietician

So lovely to have the beautiful Jeannie French with me today talking all about our access to knowledge, diet and what compliance (or noncompliance) looks like.

What else did we chat about? HOME life.

Watch the video to find out and don't forget to join our Body & Soul Community here:

Let us help you find your strategy!

Body + Soul: Our Struggle With Time

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to Week 17 of Body + Soul. Can't believe we are here! This week, I'm so excited to share our new Body + Soul Support Group. In this community, you are going to be able to share your experiences within your Body + Soul journey and have answer any questions that need to be answered! All you have to do is request access to that group, and you're in! We are here to SUPPORT you, and this is just the first start.

In this video, we are covering the topic of time. What happens when you have to prioritize a million important things? Watch the video to see what advice I can offer in terms of your calendar.

Please be sure to join the group! I would LOVE to finally be able to connect in a more instantaneous way.

Love xx


Hi beautiful,

Keeping the positivity train moving as we talk about CONFIDENCE this week! Little Londy joins me to share some profound words she heard from 3-year-old Sawyer and his take on confidence.

Sometimes, we forget that God put us on this earth to completely allow us to be OURSELVES. What a love that is. 

This week, I am down a couple more pounds and have dropped a few inches in the waist, but I have also realized that this is going to be a slow & steady race for me. 

As Little Londy says... Happy mum is the best mum!

Thank you for watching! See you next week. LOVE x



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